Amanda You

“I am proud to be part of a team whose sole purpose is to help create new families! This is an amazing experience and I feel blessed to be able to put my passion for helping others to work and play a part in the incredible journey of surrogacy.”
– Amanda You, Chinese Administrative Liaison

Amanda, is a native of Shanghai, China, and speaks/writes fluent Mandarin. She joins the West Coast Surrogacy team as Chinese Administrative Liaison. Having majored in Nursing, she brings a wealth of experience from some of the top hospitals in Shanghai. Prior to joining WCS, Amanda’s employment tenure included working for an Obstetrician & Gynecology physician’s office in Los Angeles, as well as acting as an interpreter in the medical field.

WCS is known for its strong International connection with clients from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Intended parents coming to the US and WCS to start their surrogacy journey, many unfamiliar with the English language, also face certain psychosocial barriers and come from a traditional culture where carrying on the family line is critically important. These clients find comfort through ease of communication with Amanda, who is able to patiently answer questions and help them navigate the sometimes complex surrogacy process.

Amanda resides in Los Angeles, where she takes advantage of her free time doing the things she loves; working out, walking on the beach, playing volleyball and spending time with her family. Amanda is also very fond of gourmet food, and says Chinese cuisine and authentic Mexican food is her favorite.