Stacy Villanueva

“When I found West Coast Surrogacy in 2010, I knew from the moment I met Amy Kaplan, that this was the agency for me. What I didn’t realize then, was my experiences would draw me back and provide such an amazing opportunity to help make a difference in so many lives.”
-Stacy Villanueva, Surrogacy Case Manager

Stacy’s first experience with WCS, began as a surrogate carrying healthy twin boys for a wonderful couple. She then went on to become a second time surrogate, carrying a baby girl to term for another amazing family. She always feels grateful and lucky that the parents she was able to help chose her to watch over their previous children until it was time for them to be in their arms. Both surrogacy experiences culminated in lifelong friendships.

When she was offered a position with West Coast Surrogacy, Stacy knew there was no other place she’d rather be. Her position as case manager allows her to guide and educate new surrogates through one of the most compassionate and selfless journeys of their lives.