Sunshine Hanson

Surrogacy Case Manager

Sunshine is a wife and mother of two, a son in college and a daughter in kindergarten, residing in sunny San Diego, CA.

Sunshine was an English major and spent six years teaching High School English before her first surrogacy journey changed her life, igniting a passion for helping others build their families. She has worked as a marketing coordinator for an IVF doctor and an admissions coordinator for surrogate applicants before finding her place as a Case Manager for West Coast Surrogacy. Having worked with several agencies both as a surrogate and an employee, Sunshine says she "[has] been so pleased to find a home at an agency that focuses on the human aspect of surrogacy and puts people first, treating surrogates and intended parents with the utmost care and respect as we guide them through one of the most important, complicated, and emotional journeys of their lives."

In 2016, she carried a beautiful set of twins, helping to complete a family of four. The boys and their daddies live in Melbourne, Australia but they developed a very special bond and keep in touch, with visits and video chats as often as life allows.

In 2019, Sunshine delivered her last surrogate baby, a little boy who lives in Los Angeles with his doting parents and big sister.

She is so thankful to have had the privilege of helping two couples fulfill their dream of completing their families. With experience carrying twins and a singleton for both an international and a domestic couple, she is thrilled to use her experience to help others in their unique surrogacy journeys.