Valentine Smith

"The act of surrogacy is truly a gift - not just for the intended parents, but for the surrogate and her family as well."
- Valentine Smith, Surrogacy Case Manager - Northern California

When Valentine was a gestational surrogate for West Coast Surrogacy, she had secretly wished for an opportunity to work for the company, which was based in Southern California at the time. “I felt that it would be the most amazing opportunity, but I lived near the Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area, so I thought it wasn’t an option.” says Valentine. As it turned out, the company was expanding and Valentine’s hopes became a reality. In her former position as a concierge at The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco, Valentine had plenty of practice in keeping her cool between scheduling, problem solving & anticipating guests’ needs. She brings all of this experience to her work at West Coast Surrogacy as a Case Manager, focusing on the Northern California area where she guides and supports surrogates and intended parents through the surrogacy journey.

“I first thought about surrogacy as a way to help my cousin and his wife, but they were eventually blessed with a healthy pregnancy on their own. Still, I was drawn to it and I felt like it was my purpose,” says Valentine. “I was with a different agency for six months but I wasn’t happy with them, they made me feel like I was disposable. When I called WCS, I liked how immediately personal they were and I felt that they really cared. When I spoke to Amy, Director of the company, I could tell that she was really involved.”

Valentine and her husband enjoy raising their own three children. Her first surrogacy journey resulted in a beautiful baby girl for a couple that grew very dear to her family. Through surrogacy, she hopes that her children will learn life lessons of compassion and generosity.