What Sets Us Apart from Other Surrogacy Agencies?

We are an intimate surrogacy agency by design. We work closely with our surrogate mothers and intended parents, keeping the interactions personal, making ourselves available, and minimizing the opportunity for stress. We offer unparalleled support and care, from finding a surrogate mother, to working with reproductive specialists and managing the financial process – all the way to the birth of your baby!

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West Coast Surrogacy offers a level of care unmatched by other surrogacy agencies, including:

  • Compassionate and comprehensive support from one of the most experienced surrogacy agencies
  • Truly personal care from an experienced case manager who works closely with the agency director during all phases of the surrogacy process
  • Affordable surrogacy solutions and financing options
  • Convenient Southern California travel destination, with close proximity to Los Angeles (LAX), San Diego (SDO) and Orange County (SNA) international airports
  • Multiple locations available for consultation (San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Riverside, CA, locations by appointment only)

About West Coast Surrogacy Agency

Unlike other surrogacy agencies, West Coast Surrogacy offers a boutique style agency experience, allowing us to exceed the expectations of both intended parents and surrogate mothers. We offer countless years of combined experience (in some cases first-hand as surrogate mothers), along with the professional resources and support expected from a world class gestational surrogacy agency.

We believe in a multidisciplinary, team approach that encompasses all facets of the surrogacy process. It is the goal of our agency to match intended parents with the ideal surrogate mother. With personal experience as our guide, we will support you through each step of this unique journey, culminating in an experience of joy and fulfillment as you enter parenthood.

“The experience of carrying twins as a surrogate was a life altering event that had a profound impact on who I am today.” – Amy Stewart Kaplan, President

Why should I Use a Surrogacy Agency?

So, what does a surrogacy agency do exactly? Well, surrogacy agencies don't just help find, vet, and match a gestational carrier with an intended parent. Surrogacy agencies provide emotional and psychological support for each individual involved in the process. Discussions over cost, fertility specialists, IVF centers, escrow accounts, lawyers, paperwork and scheduling appointments can cause unwelcome stress during an otherwise extraordinary and loving process. Using a surrogacy agency to manage the process and handle the details allows intended parents and gestational carriers to feel secure, knowing the surrogacy plan is mutually agreed upon, and everyone’s interests are protected.