Become a Surrogate in San Diego

Surrogacy can be a deeply fulfilling, life-changing experience. By carrying a child for parents who cannot conceive or give birth on their own, surrogates can help people fulfill their dreams of parenthood. This involves a deeply personal emotional and physical commitment. There are two types of surrogacy: traditional, in which the surrogate is biologically related to the baby, and gestational, in which there is no genetic link between the surrogate and the baby. At West Coast Surrogacy (WCS), we specialize solely in gestational surrogacy.

Your Path, Our Guidance: West Coast Surrogacy Agency

At West Coast Surrogacy, we work with surrogates in San Diego and throughout California. Offering the highest level of support and guidance, we have a deep understanding of every aspect of the surrogacy process and are aware of the deep commitment involved in becoming a surrogate.

Why Surrogates Choose Us: The Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate with West Coast Surrogacy

As one of the most well-respected surrogacy agencies in California, WCS works closely with every surrogate, providing one-on-one, personalized support. With experienced case coordinators and a multidisciplinary team approach, we make sure surrogates have everything they need for a healthy and fulfilling experience. We’re also proud to be one of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies in the United States, including within the San Diego area.

“Emotional support is very important as a surrogate, and I feel like West Coast really provided that for me.”

The Surrogacy Process in San Diego

Our surrogacy process is designed to support the comfort and well-being of both the surrogate and the intended parents. We aim to foster a feeling of teamwork and unity throughout this special journey, with our knowledgeable and compassionate team on hand every step of the way.

1. Initial application

If you think you’d be a good candidate for surrogacy, you can submit an application for our team to review. If your qualifications and interest in surrogacy align with our requirements, we’ll schedule an interview.

2. Prescreening and matching

The next step involves prescreening, during which you’ll meet with a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor and complete other necessary evaluations, including a home visit and background checks. If you move forward, we’ll then begin the matching process to pair you with intended parents.

3. Medical evaluation

An in-vitro fertilization (IVF) physician will review your medical records, and you’ll undergo standard medical evaluations and screenings to support your safety, as well as that of the baby. A representative from WCS will attend all medical screenings with you.

4. Legal process

You will have access to many experienced independent attorneys specializing in reproductive and surrogacy law; you can select one of these attorneys to review your surrogacy contract, which is drafted by the intended parents’ attorney. All parties will agree upon the contract before signing.

5. Embryo transfer

Once the surrogacy contract has been signed, you can begin the embryo transfer cycle, which begins with fertility medications. Various blood tests, ultrasounds, and injections will be conducted to facilitate the embryo process and safeguard your health along the way.

6. Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant, you will continue seeing the IVF physician for approximately 10 weeks, at which point you can begin seeing your obstetrician. During this journey, our team will continue to serve as a supportive liaison between you and the intended parents.

West Coast Surrogacy provides comprehensive, caring support throughout the entire surrogacy experience, from medical and pregnancy-related processes to insurance and legal matters.

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Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Surrogate Requirements in San Diego

Certain surrogacy requirements must be met to safeguard both the gestational surrogate and the baby’s well-being, helping to create a healthy and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Some of our surrogacy requirements include:

  • Being 21 - 40 years old
  • Having a healthy height and weight ratio
  • Having given birth to at least one child that you are raising
  • Having a healthy pregnancy history without complications

Surrogate Compensation and Pay in San Diego

We understand and respect the great responsibility surrogates undertake when helping intended parents fulfill their dreams of parenthood. For that reason, West Coast Surrogacy is proud to be one of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies in San Diego, with competitive compensation packages that reflect the time, energy, and physical and emotional commitment involved in becoming a surrogate.

Employed Surrogate Compensation

Experienced Surrogate in San Diego
Base Pay - Covers Up to $10,000 in Lost Wages $92,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $104,000
First Time Surrogate in San Diego
Base Pay - Covers Up to $10,000 in Lost Wages $72,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $84,000

Non-Employed Employed Surrogate Compensation

Experienced Surrogate in San Diego
Base Pay $85,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $97,000
First Time Surrogate in San Diego
Base Pay $65,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $77,000

What factors determine the amount of compensation a surrogate receives?

Various factors can affect the amount of compensation a surrogate receives. State of residence, employment status, prior experience as a surrogate, special medical needs and more can all factor into total compensation.

Are there any additional expenses or benefits that surrogates receive besides compensation?

In addition to our competitive base pay, surrogates working with West Coast Surrogacy may receive allowances for itemized expenses, special circumstances, and unique medical needs. We also provide compensation for lost wages incurred during the surrogacy process, if applicable. Aside from the initial costs of obtaining and mailing records and traveling to initial screenings (if you live locally), intended parents cover all other expenses during your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy FAQ

What are the requirements to become a surrogate?

To become a surrogate with West Coast Surrogacy, candidates need to be between 21 and 40 years old, have given birth to and raised at least one child, be in good physical and mental health, not smoke or use drugs, have a healthy BMI, and live in a surrogacy-friendly state. They must also be willing to undergo extensive medical, psychological, and background screenings.

Can I be a surrogate more than once?

Typically, women who meet certain health criteria and have had successful surrogate pregnancies may be eligible to become a surrogate more than once. However, this depends on various factors, including your health, age, and previous pregnancies. Many surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics have guidelines regarding the number of times a woman can act as a surrogate.

How are medical decisions made in the event of complications during the pregnancy?

Several stipulations about medical decisions are often written into the surrogacy agreement before any medical process has taken place. In the event of complications during pregnancy, medical decisions are typically made by a team of healthcare professionals, including the surrogate, intended parents, and the healthcare provider overseeing the pregnancy. The specific course of action depends on the nature and severity of the complications. The primary goal is to support the health and safety of both the surrogate and the baby, often involving careful consideration of medical advice, potential risks, and the best interests of all parties involved.

Why is San Diego a popular destination for surrogacy?

San Diego is a popular destination for surrogacy due to its reputable fertility clinics, experienced legal professionals, and surrogacy-friendly laws. The city offers a supportive and inclusive environment for intended parents and surrogates, with a range of services and resources available. Additionally, San Diego’s pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, and attractions make it an appealing destination for surrogacy, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Can surrogates change their minds and keep the baby?

Surrogates cannot change their minds and keep the baby if they have entered into a legally binding surrogacy agreement. Such agreements clearly define the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved, and once the agreement is signed, the surrogate is expected to fulfill her commitment to carry the pregnancy to term and relinquish parental rights to the intended parents. Additionally, the surrogate is not recognized as the mother because she shares no genetic connection to the baby.

What is the difference between agency and independent surrogacy?

The main difference between agency and independent surrogacy lies in the level of involvement and support provided. In agency surrogacy, a surrogacy agency facilitates the entire process, including matching intended parents with a surrogate, coordinating legal and medical aspects, and providing support and guidance throughout the journey. This structured approach often provides more security and professional oversight compared to independent surrogacy, where the intended parents and surrogate manage the process themselves, which can be more complex and less regulated.

Why West Coast Surrogacy is the Best Agency for Surrogacy in San Diego

West Coast Surrogacy is the premier choice for intended parents and surrogates in San Diego. Founded by a former surrogate, our boutique-style agency understands the intricacies of the surrogacy journey and is dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance every step of the way. Our agency has garnered many happy testimonials and reviews from intended parents and surrogates alike, reflecting our reputation for excellence in the surrogacy community. Additionally, we offer high compensation for surrogates, recognizing the invaluable gift they provide to others. Choose West Coast Surrogacy for a surrogacy journey that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

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