Become a Surrogate in Bakersfield

Surrogacy is a deeply personal decision, requiring patience, dedication, and emotional maturity. By carrying a child for people who can’t conceive or give birth on their own, surrogates help intended parents create the families they've always wanted. West Coast Surrogacy (WCS) is proud to help facilitate this important process, specializing specifically in gestational surrogacy, in which the surrogate has no biological link to the baby.

Your Path, Our Guidance: West Coast Surrogacy Agency

Our surrogacy agency has the privilege to assist numerous surrogates throughout California, including Bakersfield and the surrounding area. Our experienced and compassionate staff understand the significant commitment involved in surrogacy, and take care to guide surrogates through every step of the process.

Why Surrogates Choose Us: The Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate with West Coast Surrogacy

West Coast Surrogacy is recognized as one of the most reputable surrogacy agencies in California. We offer a compassionate and caring approach that stems from our founder's personal experience as a former surrogate. Our team is dedicated to providing unmatched support and guidance, ensuring that both surrogates and intended parents receive the care and attention they deserve throughout the entire surrogacy journey. We are also one of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies in the United States.

“Emotional support is very important as a surrogate, and I feel like West Coast really provided that for me.”

The Surrogacy Process in Bakersfield

West Coast Surrogacy facilitates a seamless process for surrogates in Bakersfield and throughout California. As you consider this remarkable journey, here’s an overview of the surrogacy process:

1. Initial application

Carefully consider the surrogacy process and whether you’d be a good candidate. If you think you would, you can submit an application on our website. If your qualifications align with our requirements, we’ll get in touch to set up a meeting.

2. Prescreening and matching

If you move forward in the process, we can begin prescreening. You’ll have a home visit from one of our team members and meet with a maternal fetal medicine doctor. We’ll then match you with intended parents.

3. Medical evaluation

Comprehensive physical and mental medical evaluations are necessary to safeguard your health, as well as that of the baby. Someone from West Coast Surrogacy will accompany you to all appointments.

4. Legal process

All surrogates will have access to independent attorneys with specialization in surrogacy and reproductive law. You’ll select one of these attorneys to work with. They’ll review the surrogacy agreement drafted by the intended parents’ attorney and assist you in all legal matters.

5. Embryo transfer

Once the surrogacy contract has been agreed upon and signed by both the surrogate and the intended parents, you can begin fertility treatment and the embryo transfer cycle with your in-vitro fertilization (IVF) physician.

6. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you’ll continue seeing your IVF doctor for approximately 10 weeks, at which point you can begin seeing your obstetrician for comprehensive prenatal monitoring. Your case coordinator will support you all the way through delivery.

Throughout this journey, you'll receive support and guidance from West Coast Surrogacy, medical professionals, and legal experts to facilitate a smooth and successful surrogacy experience.

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Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Surrogate Requirements in Bakersfield

West Coast Surrogacy conducts a rigorous screening process to evaluate potential gestational surrogates before they can join our program. These measures are essential for promoting a healthy and fulfilling surrogacy journey. Some of these requirements include:

  • Being 21 - 40 years old
  • Having a healthy height and weight ratio
  • Having given birth to at least one child that you are raising
  • Having a healthy reproductive history without complications

Surrogate Compensation and Pay in Bakersfield

We are proud to be one of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies in Bakersfield and beyond. With our founder and most of our staff having experience as surrogates, egg donors, fertility patients, or fertility healthcare professionals themselves, we have an intimate understanding of the unique complexities and intricacies of surrogacy, so we’ve created highly competitive compensation packages to accurately reflect the level of commitment involved.

Employed Surrogate Compensation

Experienced Surrogate in Bakersfield
Base Pay - Covers Up to $10,000 in Lost Wages $92,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $104,000
First Time Surrogate in Bakersfield
Base Pay - Covers Up to $10,000 in Lost Wages $72,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $84,000

Non-Employed Employed Surrogate Compensation

Experienced Surrogate in Bakersfield
Base Pay $85,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $97,000
First Time Surrogate in Bakersfield
Base Pay $65,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $77,000

What is the highest-paying surrogacy agency in Bakersfield?

Because the cost of living and demand for surrogates are generally higher in this area than in other parts of the country, surrogacy pay is also higher. West Coast Surrogacy is proud to offer one of the highest base pays in Bakersfield, along with itemized expenses and allowances for individual circumstances. We carefully design our compensation packages to take into account all aspects of the experience.

What factors determine the amount of compensation a surrogate receives?

Every surrogacy case is unique, meaning compensation packages will vary depending on individual circumstances and needs. We consider various factors when deciding on surrogates’ compensation, including state of residence, prior experience as a surrogate, unique or unexpected medical circumstances, lost wages, employment status, and more.

Are there any additional expenses or benefits that surrogates receive besides compensation?

West Coast Surrogacy provides allowances for individual circumstances, medical procedures, and non-accountable items such as maternity wear in addition to base pay. Aside from the monetary benefits, surrogates typically come away from their journey with a sense of deep fulfillment; it takes a special person to be a surrogate for intended parents hoping to grow their families, and providing this gift to others can be a truly gratifying, life-changing experience.

Surrogacy FAQ

What kind of support do surrogates receive throughout the process?

Surrogates receive various forms of support throughout the surrogacy process. This includes emotional support from their agency, intended parents, and sometimes a therapist or counselor. Surrogates also receive medical support from fertility specialists and prenatal care providers. Additionally, surrogacy agencies often provide logistical support, such as coordinating appointments and travel, as well as access to wellness support services and professionals, such as birth doulas, childbirth educators, or dieticians. The level of support can vary, but the goal is for the surrogate to feel valued, informed, and cared for throughout the journey.

What medical and psychological evaluations do surrogates undergo?

Surrogates undergo thorough medical and psychological evaluations before being approved for surrogacy. Medical evaluations typically include tests to assess overall health and the ability to carry a pregnancy. Psychological evaluations focus on assessing mental health, emotional stability, and understanding of the surrogacy process. These evaluations help determine the surrogate is physically and mentally prepared for the demands of surrogacy and help match her with compatible intended parents.

What are the legal rights of surrogates?

In California, surrogates have the right to enter into a legally binding surrogacy agreement with intended parents, outlining their roles, responsibilities, and compensation. They also have the right to receive medical care during the pregnancy, with all associated costs typically covered by the intended parents. Surrogates have the right to make decisions about their health and the pregnancy, as long as they align with the terms of the surrogacy agreement. Additionally, surrogates have the right to legal representation throughout the process to protect their interests.

Are there different types of surrogacy?

There are two different types of surrogacy. The most common type is gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate carries a child conceived using the intended parents’ or donors’ genetic material, making her genetically unrelated to the child. Traditional surrogacy, where the surrogate’s own egg is used, is less common and not practiced by the vast majority of fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies, including West Coast Surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is the primary focus of modern surrogacy practices due to its clear legal and genetic distinctions.

Why should I work with a surrogacy agency?

Intended parents should consider working with a surrogacy agency for several reasons. Agencies provide expertise and guidance throughout the process, including matching intended parents with a suitable surrogate, managing legal and financial aspects, and offering emotional support. Agencies also make sure that all parties adhere to legal and ethical standards, reducing the risk of disputes. Additionally, agencies often have established relationships with fertility clinics and other professionals, streamlining the surrogacy journey.

What criteria should I consider when choosing a surrogate?

When choosing a surrogate, consider factors such as her medical history, previous pregnancy experiences, lifestyle choices (e.g., smoking, alcohol use), emotional stability, and overall health. It’s also important to consider her views on important issues like termination and communication during the pregnancy. Compatibility in terms of personalities and values can also play a role in the decision-making process. Working with a reputable agency can help match you with a surrogate who meets your criteria.

Why West Coast Surrogacy is the Best Agency for Surrogacy in Bakersfield

West Coast Surrogacy is the premier choice for intended parents and surrogates in Bakersfield. Our agency was founded by Amy Kaplan, a former surrogate who has also been an egg donor and a fertility patient, and has worked extensively in IVF centers. Amy's personal journey has deeply informed the ethos of our boutique-style agency, where the majority of our employees are former surrogates themselves. This unique perspective allows us to understand and cater to the needs of both intended parents and surrogates, providing personalized support and guidance throughout the surrogacy journey.

West Coast Surrogacy has garnered many happy testimonials and reviews from intended parents and surrogates alike, reflecting our reputation for excellence in the surrogacy community. Additionally, we offer high compensation for surrogates, recognizing the invaluable gift they provide to others. Choose West Coast Surrogacy for a surrogacy journey that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

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