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Surrogacy can be an ideal option for people who want children but cannot conceive or give birth themselves. West Coast Surrogacy (WCS) is proud to help intended parents in San Jose fulfill their dreams and grow their families. With the help of our dedicated, experienced team, we’ll match you with a surrogate and guide you through every step of this unique journey, from legal matters to medical processes.

Understanding Surrogacy in San Jose

As an all-inclusive agency, we offer best-in-class surrogacy services for hopeful parents in California, including San Jose and the surrounding area. With world-class medical facilities, a diverse population, and surrogacy-friendly laws, California is a top location for both surrogates and intended parents.

California Surrogacy Laws

Surrogacy laws are decided on a state-by-state basis. While some states have very restrictive laws, California is one of the most supportive, with surrogacy legally recognized and widely available. Many intended parents choose to begin their paths to parenthood here.

Unlike some states, California law requires straightforward enforcement of surrogacy contracts, which detail the rights and obligations of all involved parties. This means both surrogates and intended parents are well-protected in California. Establishing parental rights is also seamless here: The intended parents’ names appear on the baby’s birth certificate immediately, and parental legal rights are established well before birth. By contrast, intended parents in some states must actually go to court to formally adopt the child after delivery.

To protect the health and well-being of the intended parents, the surrogate, and the baby, California has some of the most well-established, clear-cut surrogacy laws in the world.

Is Surrogacy Legal for Gay Intended Parents in California?

In California, surrogacy is legal for all intended parents, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or marital status. Many gay intended parents choose California specifically for its inclusive, supportive surrogacy laws and diverse, accepting culture. As one of the first states to legalize gay marriage, California has long been a gay-friendly destination.

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Becoming a Surrogate Mother

The Surrogacy Process for Intended Parents in San Jose

The surrogacy process for intended parents in San Jose follows a well-ordered structure to create a healthy and happy surrogacy journey for everyone involved.

1. Consultation and matching

After reviewing your needs and circumstances, we’ll begin the process of matching you with a surrogate and send you their information. If you feel they’d be an ideal match, we’ll arrange an in-person or phone meeting.

2. Psychological evaluations

Once you and a surrogate have agreed to work together, the surrogate will begin all necessary psychological screenings. You will also meet with licensed mental health professionals to guide you on this unique journey and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

3. Medical evaluations

Acting as a liaison between your surrogate and your in-vitro fertilization (IVF) physician, we’ll coordinate all needed medical tests and evaluations. If you’re unable to attend certain appointments with your surrogate, a WCS team member will go in your place and inform you of all test results.

4. Legal processes

Independent attorneys specializing in reproductive and surrogacy law will assist you in drafting and finalizing the surrogacy contract, which will then be reviewed by the surrogate and their attorney.

5. Financial processes

You’ll be required to set up a trust fund account, which will be used to pay for all costs associated with the surrogacy process. West Coast Surrogacy will provide you with a list of attorneys and/or escrow companies to guide you in managing this account.

6. Embryo Transfer

We’ll work with your IVF physician, nursing staff, and surrogate to make sure everyone is comfortable and well-informed as the embryo transfer process begins. A representative from West Coast Surrogacy will be with you and your surrogate during the embryo transfer.

7. Pregnancy

During your surrogate’s pregnancy, we’ll continue to serve as a liaison between you and the surrogate. If your surrogate resides in California, we’ll attend select obstetrician appointments with them; if your surrogate lives elsewhere, a WCS representative will attend appointments at your request.

8. Birth preparedness

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, your attorney will file all needed parental establishment documents to the courts. These documents will also be sent to the birthing hospital so the staff is well-informed of the situation. You’ll have the opportunity to attend childbirth classes with your surrogate, and we’ll help you create a birth plan that meets both your needs and those of the surrogate.

This process is designed to facilitate a harmonious time for everyone involved, and we’ll be on hand for all important milestones and whenever you need assistance. Our team has years of experience helping people fulfill their dreams of parenthood, and we’re proud to help facilitate this special, life-changing journey.

Finding the Best Surrogacy Agency for Your Journey

Choosing a surrogacy agency is a major decision. For intended parents, working with a reputable, well-respected agency will not only provide peace of mind but also help navigate seamless legal, financial, and medical processes. It’s important to select an agency that will work with you one-on-one, providing comprehensive practical and emotional support every step of the way.

For surrogates, working with an agency that understands the commitment involved in all aspects of surrogacy, provides fair compensation, and offers top-tier resources is crucial for a happy, healthy experience. At West Coast Surrogacy, we’re proud to help create a deeply fulfilling, rewarding path for surrogates and intended parents alike.

Why Intended Parents in San Jose Choose West Coast Surrogacy

Many intended parents in San Jose choose to work with West Coast Surrogacy based on our reputation as a leading agency that prioritizes the well-being of all involved parties. With our founder and other staff members having served as surrogates themselves, we have an intimate understanding of what the process entails and aim to create a deeply gratifying experience for all involved parties. With a multidisciplinary team approach and independent legal and medical experts available around the clock, we’re committed to helping intended parents create the families they’ve always wanted.

Surrogate Pricing: How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Surrogacy costs depend on a range of factors. Because every surrogacy is different, costs will differ from case to case. At West Coast Surrogacy, we take all aspects of the process into account so that both the surrogate and the intended parents have a rewarding experience while safeguarding the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

In California, where both the cost of living and demand for surrogates are higher, the average cost of surrogacy is typically higher than in other parts of the country. In San Jose, the average cost of surrogacy ranges from $190,000 to $230,000. Legal matters, medical requirements, and the surrogate’s individual needs and circumstances can all affect the overall cost.

Employed Surrogate Compensation

Experienced Surrogate in San Jose
Base Pay - Covers Up to $10,000 in Lost Wages $92,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $104,000
First Time Surrogate in San Jose
Base Pay - Covers Up to $10,000 in Lost Wages $72,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $84,000

Non-Employed Employed Surrogate Compensation

Experienced Surrogate in San Francisco
Base Pay $85,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $97,000
First Time Surrogate in San Francisco
Base Pay $65,000
Total Cash Compensation, can be up to: $77,000

Surrogacy FAQ

Why is San Jose a popular destination for surrogacy?

San Jose is a popular destination for surrogacy due to its proximity to leading fertility clinics and legal resources in the San Francisco Bay Area. The area offers a high standard of medical care and legal expertise in reproductive law, essential for a successful surrogacy journey. Additionally, the region’s mild climate and diverse culture provide a welcoming environment for intended parents and surrogates alike, making it an attractive destination for surrogacy.

How do I find a reputable surrogacy agency?

To find a reputable surrogacy agency, start by researching agencies online and reading reviews from previous clients. Look for agencies that are experienced, have a good reputation, and are transparent about their processes and fees. It’s also helpful to ask for recommendations from fertility clinics or other professionals in the field. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule consultations with a few agencies to get a feel for their approach and see if it aligns with your needs and values.

West Coast Surrogacy fulfills these criteria and more. As a boutique agency, we offer a small and intimate experience by design, offering personalized attention and support throughout the surrogacy journey. Founded by Amy Kaplan, a former surrogate, egg donor, fertility patient, and IVF center professional, our agency has over 15 years of experience in the surrogacy field and has built a stellar reputation amongst fertility clinics and surrogacy attorneys. With many positive reviews and testimonials, West Coast Surrogacy is known for its dedication to helping intended parents and surrogates navigate the surrogacy process with compassion and professionalism.

What are the legal steps involved in establishing parentage after the baby is born?

In San Jose, the legal steps to establish parentage after the baby is born involve a pre-birth order or a post-birth adoption. A pre-birth order is typically obtained during the pregnancy and allows the intended parents to be named on the birth certificate immediately after birth.

How are medical decisions made during the pregnancy?

Medical decisions during a surrogate pregnancy are typically outlined in the surrogacy agreement and made by the intended parents in consultation with the surrogate and healthcare providers. The intended parents work closely with the surrogate to create a detailed birth plan and make decisions about prenatal care, screenings, and any medical interventions that may be necessary. The surrogate’s health and well-being are paramount, and decisions are made collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for both the surrogate and the baby.

Are there any restrictions on the lifestyle choices of the surrogate during the pregnancy?

Restrictions on the lifestyle choices of the surrogate during pregnancy are outlined in the surrogacy agreement. These restrictions are typically in place to protect the health and well-being of both the surrogate and the baby. Common restrictions may include refraining from smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, and engaging in certain activities or behaviors that could pose a risk to the pregnancy. The specific restrictions can vary depending on the agreement and the preferences of the intended parents.

How are expenses for the surrogate covered during the pregnancy?

Expenses for the surrogate during pregnancy are typically covered by the intended parents. These expenses may include medical costs, such as prenatal care, delivery fees, and maternity clothing. Additionally, intended parents often cover other expenses related to the surrogacy, such as travel costs, legal fees, and compensation for the surrogate’s time and effort. The specific expenses covered are usually outlined in the surrogacy agreement.

Why West Coast Surrogacy is the Best Surrogacy Agency in San Jose

West Coast Surrogacy is the premier choice for intended parents and surrogates in San Jose. Our agency was founded by Amy Kaplan, a former surrogate who has also been an egg donor and a fertility patient, and has worked extensively in IVF centers. Amy's personal journey has deeply informed the ethos of our boutique-style agency, where the majority of our employees are former surrogates themselves. This unique perspective allows us to understand and cater to the needs of both intended parents and surrogates, providing personalized support and guidance throughout the surrogacy journey.

West Coast Surrogacy has garnered many happy testimonials and reviews from intended parents and surrogates alike, reflecting our reputation for excellence in the surrogacy community. Additionally, we offer high compensation for surrogates, recognizing the invaluable gift they provide to others. Choose West Coast Surrogacy for a surrogacy journey that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

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