West Coast Surrogacy is thrilled to welcome Dr. Sean Daneshmand to our surrogacy agency, as a consulting physician. Dr. Daneshmand brings a superior level of experience, knowledge, and expertise in his role as a Board Certified Obstetrician specializing in Maternal Fetal Medicine / High Risk Pregnancy, also known as Perinatology. In his role with West Coast Surrogacy, Dr. Daneshmand will lead efforts to provide total wellness education and support for surrogate mothers. Intended Parents will also have the opportunity to take advantage of phone or Skype sessions with Dr. Daneshmand to ask questions prior to and during their surrogates’ pregnancy (as a feature of our VIP Package). Dr. Daneshmand will also hold webinars and in-person seminars for surrogates to review essential topics relating to maintaining a healthy pregnancy and preparing for a healthy, fullterm birth.

In addition to his work as a physician, Dr. Daneshmand is the founder of Miracle Babies, a San Diego-based non-profit organization that supports families with newborns in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), and works to promote education on healthy pregnancies and fullterm birth. For his work with Miracle Babies, Dr. Daneshmand was recognized in CNN’s annual CNN Heroes segment. Miracle Babies is a muchneeded resource for families of premature or critically-ill newborns who face a long road to recovery – a journey that often includes uncertain outcomes and financial strain. The organization is supported by volunteers who offer their time and energy toward improving the lives of families during a time of need when emotional and financial assistance may not normally be available.

Dr. Daneshmand also works with the Kiva Learning Center, a long-term residential addiction treatment program focusing on mothers whose babies are born addicted, which he volunteers his time during the holiday season. Outside of his work and volunteerism, Dr. Daneshmand enjoys playing tennis, swimming, reading, and taking relaxing walks around San Diego. He has stated that his experience with the premature birth of his own daughter serves as a constant reminder that knowledgeable, experienced Perinatology services are deeply needed, and he is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many families.

West Coast Surrogacy and West Coast Egg Donation have been a staunch supporter of Dr. Daneshmand’s charity causes, as well as teaming up with Dr. Daneshmand at the Thanksgiving feast provided for the Kiva Learning Center!