A Special Relationship Between Intended Parent and Surrogate

Published on Friday January 8th, 2021 by WCS

From the beginning, Jason and Danny always knew that they wanted to have a child. After they got married, they decided to pursue their family-building dreams through surrogacy. However, they initially faced a number of obstacles that prevented them from achieving their dream. Although they were nervous, they pressed on, eventually enlisting the help of West Coast Surrogacy and California Fertility Partners.

For Jason and Danny, it was important for them to develop a personal relationship with their surrogate during the pregnancy and after the birth. They wanted someone with whom they were comfortable, someone they would connect with on an emotional level. After all, their surrogate would be the person who made their family-building dreams possible.

West Coast Surrogacy understood this implicitly and paid attention to everything the couple was looking for in a surrogate. Soon, our team was able to match Jason and Danny with a woman named Victoria, who would become much more than just their surrogate. When they finally met Victoria and her wife for dinner, the connection was immediate. Jason and Danny felt in their hearts that Victoria was the ideal match for them and Victoria knew that she wanted to help them have the family they yearned for.

Throughout the surrogacy process, Jason and Danny grew very close to Victoria and her family. After giving birth to the baby, Victoria has essentially become a member of Jason and Danny’s family, acting as an “aunt” to their beautiful boy.

It’s stories like these that inspire the West Coast Surrogacy team to do what we do every day. Surrogacy shows us that love and personal relationships are the most important aspects of family-building.

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