An LGBT+ Surrogacy Story

Published on Tuesday November 5th, 2019 by Former WCS Surrogate

For same-sex couples, modern family building through third-party reproduction offers an opportunity to build your family, either through surrogacy, egg or sperm donation. It is through these services that growing families benefit from the kindness, empathy, and commitment of those who choose to donate their eggs or sperm, or become a gestational surrogate.

For one woman, whose family includes two children born with the assistance of a sperm donor and fertility care, she understood first-hand the impact of such a gift. As her children grew, she decided to pursue surrogacy in order to assist a family who was unable to carry a second baby on their own. The two families were brought together through West Coast Surrogacy, and we invite you to read our amazing surrogate’s story in full on the Family Equality website.

"With a 1- and 4-year-old at home, I decided to pursue surrogacy. I was connected to friends of friends who were looking to have a second baby. Due to the nature of the first pregnancy, carrying a second pregnancy to term was not possible for the mother. We connected through West Coast Surrogacy, developed a surrogacy contract, and before I knew it, things started moving forward. With the script flipped—here I was, a queer woman carrying a pregnancy for a cishet couple—, we suddenly found our families intimately intertwined. The baby’s mom, Susan, and I talked daily. She attended every appointment with me, and we saw each other often outside of appointments. We were doing this amazing thing together…"