Are You Ready to Become a Surrogate? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Published on Friday September 30th, 2022 by WCS

If you’re considering becoming a gestational surrogate, there is no shortage of practical questions: Do I meet the basic requirements? How much will I earn? How long does it take to match with the intended parents? Why should I choose your agency over another? At West Coast Surrogacy, we provide the resources and support to answer these questions for you, whether through an FAQ or a conversation with one of our team members. Surrogacy is an extraordinary commitment, and we keep transparency at the heart of it.

There are certain questions, however, where only you are the expert. We’ve listed five of the most important, and we encourage you to create the space and time you need to answer them. It may prove helpful as you consider taking the next step.

1. Why do I want to do this?

What brought you here, to this moment of wanting to carry a child for someone else? It could be that you’ve known someone personally who has struggled to get pregnant. Or perhaps hearing another surrogate’s story inspired you to do more research. Maybe the joy your children have brought you has compelled you to help another family share in that feeling. You may also have financial goals this journey can help you meet. Finding your “why” can make getting started easier, but it can also be your guiding light throughout the journey.

2. What sort of relationship and dynamic do I want with the intended parents?

Matching with intended parents is a two-way process. You are a decision-maker here, and it’s important to be open about what you hope for on this journey (in both broad and granular terms) to foster a positive, respectful relationship. How do you want to communicate with the intended parents, and how frequently? What are your boundaries? Are you open to scheduling in-person meetings? The more honest you are with yourself first, the more likely you are to feel at ease and develop a true connection.

3. What would make me most comfortable in this process?

Knowing you are helping another family achieve their dream is a special kind of happiness, but it’s important to consider what else would bring you specific – even practical – joy throughout the process. What has made you most comfortable day-to-day in previous pregnancies? Are there simple things that would make life a bit easier? Consider writing them down to reference as you embark on the process.

4. Do I have the support I need in my life to make this journey enjoyable and manageable?

Having the support of family and friends during the surrogacy journey is essential for the big moments, for regular activities, and for day-to-day support. Remember, not everyone in your life has to fully understand every aspect of your decision – you just need people who lift you up, respect your choices, and take the time to listen when you need to be heard.

5. Is there anything I want to know that I haven’t asked yet?

Don’t hold back! We encourage you to voice any questions or concerns that would impact your choice to move forward. If something is on your mind, we promise to meet you with honesty and empathy when you’re ready to ask.

Ready to talk with us about surrogacy? For more information on the process or any general questions, contact West Coast Surrogacy today to learn more.