Choosing a Surrogacy Agency: 4 Questions Intended Parents Should Ask

Published on Wednesday August 31st, 2022 by WCS

Having a child with the help of a gestational surrogate is often an amazing, unique experience. If you’re in the earliest stages of pursuing surrogacy for your family-building needs, the first thing you need to do is find the right surrogacy agency for your growing family.

The quality of your experience as an intended parent will be greatly influenced by the relationship you have with your surrogacy agency. Working with the right surrogacy agency will make every aspect of the surrogacy journey much smoother. If you’re new to third-party reproduction, it can feel overwhelming to find a great surrogacy agency. To make the process a little easier, here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a surrogacy agency.

1. How does the agency screen its surrogates?

At its core, surrogacy requires a lot of trust from intended parents – you are putting all of your hope and faith into someone else’s hands (or womb). Naturally, you want to be sure that your surrogate will be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy enough to thrive during the process. To ensure that you will be matched with someone who fits the criteria, you want to work with a surrogacy agency that does its due diligence when it comes to surrogate screening.

Your surrogacy agency of choice should be transparent about its screening process and be able to demonstrate its adherence to the best practices and recommendations set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. This includes obtaining proper medical clearance, conducting extensive psychological screening measures, and performing background checks.

2. How involved is the agency throughout the surrogacy process?

There are many moving parts involved in surrogacy, and your agency should act as the liaison between you and all the other entities in the surrogacy process. From coordinating medical tests to connecting you with reproductive attorneys and beyond, your surrogacy agency should be there making sure everything is going smoothly.

3. Is the agency transparent about its fees for surrogacy?

When intended parents first start considering surrogacy, they’re generally already aware of the financial investment that the journey requires. Many surrogacy agencies are upfront about their costs and fees, but some aren’t as forthcoming. You want to be sure you’re working with a surrogacy agency that is fully transparent about the various costs and fees that can come up as part of a surrogate agreement. This information should be presented plainly on the website.

4. What is the surrogacy agency’s experience?

When finding a surrogacy agency, it’s best to find one that has a personal connection to surrogacy. Surrogacy agencies that are founded and run by those who have either been a surrogate themselves or built their own families with the help of a surrogate understand firsthand what the entire process is like. Their insights into the legal, logistical, financial, and medical aspects of surrogacy are invaluable and built on the solid foundation of having been there themselves.

However, the most invaluable part of working with a surrogacy agency that has a personal connection with surrogacy is the level of support and guidance they give. The surrogacy journey is so much more than a series of legal contracts, medical tests, and financial investments – it’s an emotional journey that culminates with the creation of a precious life. While the destination may be beautiful, the path can sometimes be a little rocky. Whether you’re celebrating milestones, feeling anxious about obstacles, or simply have a question about surrogacy, you want a surrogacy agency that will be there to offer comfort, support, and help every step of the way.

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