How to Talk to Friends and Family About Your Surrogacy Journey

Published on Tuesday November 29th, 2022 by WCS

When it comes to being a gestational surrogate, you know this is not a simple decision. Your efforts will dramatically change the lives of others for the better. Whether considering surrogacy or already carrying a pregnancy, this is a major commitment. You’ll need emotional support, especially from your family and friends.

However, no matter how supportive they are, these conversations may not be easy. So how do you break this news to your family and friends? They want to be sure you’re happy and confident, and learn how they can help you. The following steps may help to smooth over these conversations.

Organize Your Surrogacy Talk

It may be helpful to prepare by having all of the necessary research and information on hand, including the surrogacy process, physical changes, and compensation. This information can help provide an outline that allows you to better address their questions and concerns. You could even provide them links and articles to back up your presentation.

You can also talk to your case manager at your surrogacy agency. They will be able to provide you with resources to share, as well as tips on how to navigate certain questions. They are there to guide you through all aspects of the surrogacy process. Plus, since many case managers were once surrogates themselves, they know firsthand what you’re going through.

Take the Emotional Approach to Surrogacy

People who are unfamiliar with surrogacy often don’t realize how emotionally enriching being a surrogate can be. After all, the emotional side of surrogacy is often glossed over in the media. Sharing the emotional aspect of your surrogacy journey can help people adjust their perceptions and accept why you made this decision. If you feel comfortable, you may want to pour your heart out and mention how you’re helping the intended parents to build their own family.

Give Time to Process Your Surrogacy News

Your decision could be surprising, and not everyone may react like you’d hoped, at least initially. You may need to explain your reasoning before they’re comfortable. And if someone doesn’t come around, surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

Be Supportive, Yet Firm Regarding Surrogacy

Surrogacy could be a new experience for some, so take the time to answer their questions and concerns. This is your opportunity to educate people about the process. Just remember, you are the only person who can decide if surrogacy is the right choice. So let family and friends know you’ll be continuing on your journey, hopefully, with their support.

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