Moonlight Injections: In-Home Fertility Injection Services

Published on Friday March 26th, 2021 by Natalie Castillo-Rubio, LVN

For gestational surrogates, embarking on the journey of surrogacy is a rewarding adventure filled with many emotions. As with any journey, there are experiences and moments that can be overwhelming or even stressful. One of the most common sources of anxiety in the surrogacy process is having to use self-injecting medications for an embryo transfer cycle. Moonlight Injections, an in-home fertility injection service, understands how overwhelming receiving your first box of medications can be, and provides extra support and instruction for surrogates who need it.

Injection Anxiety

One of the most common hurdles of fertility treatment is overcoming the fear of self-injecting medications. Many patients, including donors and surrogates, have doubts as to how they will be able to correctly administer medications outside of the medical clinic without the support of a professional. I have bear witness to many patients anxiously jotting down as much detail as possible while attempting to focus on the visual accounts of our meeting. Quite honestly, it can all be so overwhelming.

Typically, patients are given thorough instructions from their nurse or IVF coordinator in the clinic prior to starting medications. There are step by step instructions, prepared daily calendars and tutorial video links shared in detail. While many patients successfully conquer the task of daily injections, there are still a handful who would prefer to have more of a support team behind them each day. And it is absolutely okay to opt for help during such a remarkably important process. But, where to find such help...

Why We Exist

I started this company with these patients in mind. The ones who asked for additional help. The ones who second guessed themselves as they sat at their bathroom counter at 8pm wishing they could just double check once more with their IVF nurse before injecting. Fertility treatment can already be such an isolating process for some. It shouldn’t be made any harder because it’s expected that you will get through these injections alone or with little help.

I have been an IVF nurse coordinator for over 15 years and I have taken great pride in teaching my patients the techniques of injections. As simple as it may sound to some, it can be an absolutely terrifying trek for others. I have always been careful to take my time with each patient and allow them to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and repeat steps until they feel confident enough to take their big box of meds home and organize themselves.

Once patients left my clinic, I never really gave much thought as to how they organized at home or how they processed the information given. Until...the day I decided to become a gestational surrogate. Seeing things from the other side, the patient’s perspective, really taught me how to empathize with each journey and how they might respond to added care knowing I’m not just telling them how to inject their medications but I am doing so by experience.

Learning techniques for comfort and after care of injections, how to organize daily injection supplies to avoid forgetting a dose or step, these things helped me to relate on a different level with my patients. It made me realize that I can help by providing so much more to them given my experiences throughout the years.

Let’s Be Stress Free Together

Moonlight injections has allowed me to offer added support to patients in a more comfortable setting. Often, time can be limited in a clinic setting when all are tied to a
schedule. Instructions can seem rushed, details can be lost or patients may feel that they don’t have enough time to process and determine what questions they have. This is no fault to anyone, of course, but it would be nice to spend more time discussing what the patient is most concerned about or what specific questions they may have.

With a home visit or video consult, I am able to devote more time to each patient and focus on their journey specifically. With so much invested into each cycle, patients should have an opportunity to receive extra care if and when needed. And the extra care can look very different from one patient to the next.

My hope is that patients find our services as a welcoming addition to their fertility treatment. Whether it’s being a cheerleader on the sidelines walking you through your first few injections, offering our expert injection care each night to take a small bit of the stress away or just lending an ear to hear out your concerns and questions related to your care. We are here and we are cheering each and every one of our patients on. Let’s get through this together!

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