National Infertility Awareness Week: Surrogate Stories

Published on Friday April 21st, 2023 by WCS

Every year, National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), which takes place during the last week of April in the US, helps to shine a light on the world of infertility. Throughout NIAW, members of the fertility community act as advocates, educators, and storytellers as they help spread awareness and information about the medical, personal, financial, and social effects of going through infertility.

As a surrogacy agency, West Coast Surrogacy has met with many infertile couples and individuals throughout the years, helping many of them to finally achieve their family-building dreams through surrogacy. We’ve also had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing people to become surrogates. Their stories, tears, hopes, dreams, and milestones moved us deeply and the ability to bring them together has been an honor for us.

This year for NIAW, we are reflecting on some of the most beautiful stories and sentiments shared with us by the intended parents and surrogates we have worked with. We invite you to take a walk with us down memory lane as we showcase a few of our favorites.

Changed Forever in a Beautiful Way

"As a first-time surrogate, I knew that helping someone have a family was something I wanted to do, however, I had no idea how life-changing this would be. I was matched with a wonderful couple – it could not have been any better of a match.

– Nicole, Gestational Surrogate at West Coast Surrogacy

All That I Had Hoped it Would Be

“The entire experience of being pregnant again, being a surrogate, and helping a couple have a baby was all that I had hoped it would be…Though I have to wait a while before I can be a surrogate again due to my own medical reasons, it is something I feel I would like to repeat."

– Charleen, Gestational Surrogate at West Coast Surrogacy

Renewed Faith in Humanity

“We got our dream baby, but more than that we met amazing people along the way and had renewed faith in humanity and the kindness and love that can get you through tough chapters in life.”

– Katie and Bryn, Intended Parents at West Coast Surrogacy

A Dream Come True

“I am reflecting on how I made someone a mother of 2 beautiful healthy babies which she could never have on her own. Wish I could do it for many more women out there. What a dream come true.”

– Jessika, Gestational Surrogate at West Coast Surrogacy

A Gesture of Love

“No one tells you the range of emotions you will feel when your initial reasoning for offering up your body is love. While still in the beginning stages of surrogacy, I feel as though my action, done in a gesture of love, has brought on feelings that you wouldn’t think could come from a process meant to help a family become whole…

“…The whole process has been a rollercoaster of emotion, but it has also been so fulfilling. Surrogacy is not for the faint of heart, but for those who can give their love to complete strangers while being responsible for one of the most important things in the stranger’s life (on top of the realities of your personal life that you face day to day).”

– Cassie, Gestational Surrogate at West Coast Surrogacy

Every Loving Person or Couple Deserves to Become a Parent

“My motivation to become a surrogate came from watching my family and friends struggle with infertility. As a young adult, I had no awareness of the challenges many couples face when trying to conceive. I thought that when you wanted to start a family, you just did it. A few years later I became familiar with the complications, fear, and heartache related to creating a family. I saw how it affected those that I cared about and how it affected my life too…

“…We could not imagine our world without our boys. We believe every loving person, couple, or family should have the opportunity to receive the gift of a child. The joys, challenges, and love that come with the best roles in the world, mom or dad, should be shared.”

– Amy C., Gestational Surrogate at West Coast Surrogacy

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