Why I chose West Coast Surrogacy: Surrounded by Support

Published on Thursday August 15th, 2019 by Amy C.

After deciding to become a surrogate, I knew I would need a strong support system. My family was very helpful, but as a first time surrogate, every part of the process was uncharted territory. I needed a person or group of people that could lead us through this unique experience.

When I called West Coast Surrogacy they showed me how invested they would be. The first person I spoke with was a former surrogate. She was able to answer my questions and share differing perspectives as she had completed two journeys for two very different intended parents. She could supply facts and figures, and she could relate that information to what it could mean for myself and my family emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Any and every concern in those first few interactions received a response the same day, in most cases within the hour.

I learned that by partnering with West Coast Surrogacy my case manager would likely be a former surrogate. I would have access to a Marriage Family Therapist or Life Coach, in addition to medical and legal experts. I would have guidance. I would have confidants. I would receive quality care. I would have support.

I made the right choice.

Throughout my journey with West Coast Surrogacy someone was always available to answer a question or share an exciting milestone with.

I talked with my case manager daily. She guided each step of the journey from following up with legal partners to connecting with social workers at the hospital. She was an advocate for myself and my intended parents to make sure the various teams working with us encouraged and supported the experience we wanted. She also navigated through a whirlwind of emotions. My case manager was a neutral party that could provide reassurance, address any concerns, and connect us with a professional as needed. I could not imagine my journey without her.

I had a monthly call with a psychologist specializing in pregnancy, post-partum, and fertility issues. And though we talked about pregnancy and my relationship with the intended parents, we also talked about my life and family. She helped my husband and I involve our children in the surrogacy process and made recommendations on how to encourage their comfort and excitement during and after my journey. She cared about my overall health and wellbeing before, during, and after delivery.

Through a private Facebook group and luncheons coordinated by West Coast Surrogacy I was connected with more than 100 current and former West Coast Surrogacy surrogates. Through these platforms we continue to share our experiences. We offer advice on everything from the best places to buy affordable maternity clothes, to tips and tricks to combat post-partum hair loss. We are a small group of women with a unique, but similar story.

West Coast Surrogacy prioritizes having a healthy surrogacy, which enables the best experience for surrogates and intended parents alike. Their team got to know my family and I got to know their families as well. During my journey I never felt alone. I felt supported and proud to be a part of an agency and team that embodies the effort and dedication needed to make miracles happen.

To learn more about the West Coast Surrogacy Support team please visit here.

Get to know Amy!

Hi! I'm Amy C., a gestational surrogate with West Coast Surrogacy. I manage the funding program for a non-profit, am a loving wife of more than 10 years, and (my favorite part) a mom to two energetic little boys. Through my own pregnancies I have gained an appreciation of the female body, its capabilities, and our spirit.

After watching friends and family struggle with fertility, my husband and I decided that if we could, we should, help another family experience the joy of becoming a parent. In October of 2018, I was able to witness two loving parents receiving the ultimate gift, the birth of their daughter. That moment still brings chills, and I am forever grateful to be a part of her journey in this world.