West Coast Surrogacy Is Proud to Present Our Surrogate Referral Program

Published on Wednesday May 24th, 2023 by WCS

West Coast Surrogacy, an all-inclusive boutique surrogacy agency in California, is excited to announce the launch of our surrogate referral program. This program offers a generous financial incentive to anyone who knows someone who might be interested in becoming a surrogate.

Gestational surrogacy is an incredible opportunity for someone to bring love and light into the lives of someone else by helping them achieve their family-building goals. As a major bonus, surrogates are generously compensated for the time and effort they invest in the surrogacy journey. For this unique opportunity, we’re always looking for amazing people who are ready, willing, and able to rise to the occasion of surrogacy.

To help us in our never-ending search for great surrogate candidates, we are pleased to offer referring individuals a bonus of $3,000 for the first successful reference. For those who can connect us with multiple successful references, we are offering $5,000 for all additional referrals.

All referrals must meet the requirements necessary to become a surrogate. The surrogate candidate must also undergo a screening process, as well as receive medical clearance. Once a potential surrogate has cleared all these stages and signed a legal contract, you will receive your referral bonus.

Although you don’t need to be involved in surrogacy yourself to refer someone to West Coast Surrogacy, it’s important to understand all of the emotional and medical nuances involved in the surrogacy journey. If someone you know would be interested in becoming a surrogate, encourage them to reach out directly to West Coast Surrogacy. Our team is here to answer any questions they may have about the process.

To help us find amazing people to become surrogates, connect with people in your life who may be interested, talk to them about this opportunity, and share the referral link. Learn more about West Coast Surrogacy’s surrogate referral program, including full instructions, the referral link, and the surrogate application.