Why I Decided to Become a Surrogate: Personal Stories and Inspirations

Published on Thursday December 28th, 2023 by WCS

If you're contemplating the incredible journey of becoming a gestational surrogate, chances are you have a profound passion for helping others. Whether it's supporting aspiring parents facing infertility, health concerns, or LGBTQ+ families, surrogacy opens the door to parenthood for many – a deeply meaningful experience for those answering the call to become surrogates.

Nevertheless, the decision to embark on this path is weighty, and you might find yourself on the fence, unsure if it's the right choice for you. At West Coast Surrogacy, we understand the importance of finding your compass in this unique journey. One of the most valuable tools is hearing personal stories from those who have walked this path before.

We invite you to explore a collection of our favorite surrogacy stories and testimonials from over the years. These narratives offer insights, inspiration, and a glimpse into the profound impact of surrogacy. Your journey is unique, and understanding the experiences of others can be a guiding light.

Victoria’s Story: A Successful, Supportive Surrogacy Experience

“My journey with WCS started in 2016. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of delivering a baby in 2017 for an amazing couple, and currently, I’m pregnant as a second-time surrogate for another amazing and deserving couple. Everyone at WCS works together in order to make each journey special for everyone involved. The staff is so involved and caring of their surrogates and intended parents. From the moment I called for information, I knew that this is where I could get the help to make my dreams of being a surrogate successful. I highly recommend WCS to anyone that is interested in helping by egg donation, becoming a surrogate, or intended parents who want to build or expand their family. I love West Coast Surrogacy!!❤️”
– Victoria, Surrogate

Danielle’s Story: A Sisterly Devotion to Surrogacy

"I could not have asked for a better agency. They are always there when you need them and have no problem answering any and all questions. I am so lucky to have had them with me through both my journeys. I was so happy with them that my step-sister, who had been a surrogate before me with a different agency, switched to West Coast for her second journey. Thank you, West Coast!!
– Danielle, Surrogate

Nicole’s Story: Two Families’ Lives Transformed

“West Coast Surrogacy is an amazing agency. As a first-time surrogate, I knew that helping someone have a family was something I wanted to do; however, I had no idea how life changing this would be. I was matched with a wonderful couple -- it could not have been any better of a match. For this couple, I carried twins, a boy and a girl. Throughout my pregnancy, I felt supported, cared for, and appreciated by my IPs and everyone at West Coast Surrogacy. When I look back on my experience, I realize that I have given a couple a beautiful family, gained a good friend [Mom], and developed a new level of closeness with my husband. I am changed forever in a beautiful way!"
– Nicole, Surrogate

Jessika’s Story: A Dream Come True

“On this Mother's Day evening, I am reflecting on how I made someone a mother of 2 beautiful healthy babies which she could never have on her own. Wish I could do it for many more women out there. What a dream come true.”
– Jessika, Surrogate

Surrogates’ Accounts May Assist You in Decision-Making

As you navigate the decision to become a gestational surrogate, let the inspiring stories of those who have walked this path guide you. At West Coast Surrogacy, we're here to support your unique journey. Ready to take the next step? Contact West Coast Surrogacy today and begin your surrogacy story with confidence and compassion.