Sue Ann Gonis, M.A., C.P.C.C., P.C.C. - Professional Life and Leadership Coach

"It’s an honor to share in the surrogacy journey and to be with another human being who is doing such a selfless act of carrying a baby [sometimes babies] for someone else" – Sue Ann Gonis, M.A., C.P.C.C., P.C.C.

As an independent Life and Leadership Coach for West Coast Surrogacy, Sue Ann specializes in providing emotional support and encouragement to surrogates and intended parents throughout the surrogacy process. She is an invaluable resource to both the West Coast Surrogacy staff, and to clients, guiding them throughout every important step in the process. She enjoys teaching women who want to become a surrogate mother how to care for their wellbeing, and to aim for their higher potential.

Sue Ann spent 20 years as a corporate executive, including many years with Fortune 100 companies, and has served as an Internal coach, coaching senior executives and their teams. She is a graduate of Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship, and holds accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach through International Coach Federation. Sue Anne earned a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Redlands, where she earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. She lives with her husband and blended family of 4 children, in Southern California.

What do surrogates say about Sue Ann?

"Sue Ann has a natural gift for life coaching. I am so grateful to have worked with Sue Ann thru my last two surrogacy journeys. She always has a positive attitude and cheerful, genuine words. Having the opportunity to talk with Sue Ann on a monthly basis was an important part of my journeys. She understood my personality and worked so well with me, sometimes keeping me grounded when I wanted to live up in the clouds. Talking to Sue Ann always put a smile on my face. Her compassion and understanding of what I was going at each point in my journey was refreshing. I always felt that Sue Ann embodied my philosophy of living a life of passion, purpose and impact. She made me feel supported and the beauty of it is that during the entire process I was never told to do anything. I drove the process and felt 100% confident afterwards that I had worked out the best solution for myself and my IPs.

Thank you Sue Ann, with your help and beautiful heart I was able to create a family for an amazing couple!"

Carol Lynn Smith, Surrogate
"Sue Ann was and continues to be an integral part of my journey with West Coast as a surrogate. She is always smiling and offering encouraging words of advice. She has been a great asset as a surrogate as well as with my personal life helping me grow and learn new ways to cope with challenges I face. At times as a surrogate I have faced some difficulties with discomfort and new or unknown experiences and Sue Ann has always been a great resource to help gather extra support from others and my Intended Parents to help comfort and relieve my worries and ease my burdens. She has also been very supportive of my entrepreneurial adventures as well and constantly gives me accolades that lift my spirits. I am excited as a returning surrogate to continue working with Sue Ann and will miss her deeply when my surrogacy journeys come to an end in the future. I highly recommend her as a coach as she is filled with an abundance of knowledge and support.

Thank you Sue Ann for helping me along my surrogacy path to making dreams come true!"

Kind Regards,
Danielle Edgren, Surrogate