Amy Stewart Kaplan

Amy Stewart Kaplan,美国西海岸代孕服务公司的创始者兼总监的职位,她从1990年开始涉足生殖医疗领域,从此便全身心地投入到这项事业中。Amy是由南加利福尼亚试管婴儿中心开始工作的,就是在那里让她意识到自己对生殖医疗的热爱,以及想要帮助人们实现为了孩子而值得追求的愿望。

Amy从事过这个领域里的许多不同的职位,包括任职于Robert E. Anderson医生领导下的南加利福尼亚生殖医学中心的业务经理。Amy也深入地参与了南加利福尼亚生殖科学研究所的发展和管理中,这是一所现有四家南加利福尼亚生殖诊所共享的IVF胚胎实验室。她也曾在致力于一个胚胎捐赠的项目。



Amy是美国生殖医疗协会, 美国不孕不育协会, 和“生育希望”社团的成员,曾做为嘉宾在惠特法学院作过关于代孕相关法律以及道德标准的演讲。她也是北美残障人士骑马协会的成员及前任导师,这个协会是通过骑马治疗,达到对个人生理,情感和行为障碍进行康复的目的。


Amy同她的丈夫Jon及女儿Mia住在加利福尼亚Aliso Viejo,靠近洛杉矶。她的儿子Tyler现在和Jon的儿子Michael一起在圣芭芭拉城市大学就读。

Tyler Zion

“Working with West Coast Surrogacy has provided me with immense satisfaction, seeing families being created and parents lives becoming fulfilled."
– Tyler Zion, Intended Parent Coordinator

When Tyler joined the family business he was not new to surrogacy (his mother is West Coast Surrogacy Director, Amy Kaplan). Tyler will often be that first friendly voice many people hear when they get in touch with WCS.

“I talk with couples and individuals that contact WCS for information about the surrogacy process. I spend as much time as they need, to answer questions, and explore the processes with them. I also go over all their financial options. Many people come to us with fears about surrogacy. Once their questions are answered, and their concerns are heard, they many times complete the conversation with a newly found hope. If they choose to proceed, we begin the surrogate matching process and they are on their way to fulfilling their dreams of parenthood."

Tyler experienced his mother as a surrogate and an egg donor. “It was great to see my mom go through surrogacy as well as egg donation and to see her develop these strong relationships with the intended families,” says Tyler. “I have a half-sister, from my mom's egg donation, who is really close with the family. It’s very cool to have that part of our lives joined together.”

This first-hand knowledge adds a level of care to his work at WCS and allows him to speak about surrogacy from a unique, personal perspective. “I’m looking forward to the families we help to create in the years to come, and how these children will make a difference in the world.”

Laura Davis

“I have always had the desire to help people and I am lucky enough to be able to do that in my profession as well as in life”

Laura Davis, Egg Donor Program Director

Laura came to West Coast Surrogacy as a surrogate in 2008 and then began working there in 2012. Laura has worked closely with surrogates, intended parents and egg donors. She is the main person of contact for West Coast Egg Donation from the initial screening and application, pairing egg donor and IPs, through the embryo transfer, providing support along the entire process to both egg donors and intended parents. Laura thrives in her role and is thrilled to have the opportunity to not only work with egg donors, intended parents and surrogates daily, but to have been a surrogate and egg donor herself.

A married mother with two children of her own, she and her husband knew they were finished having children of their own. Laura was passionate about sharing the amazing gift of being a parent with others. This passion brought Laura to the decision to become an egg donor, then a surrogate and finally to continue helping others by making this her career.

Laura treasures the new and rewarding experiences she has gained each time she has been an egg donor and surrogate, and loves being a part of building families both personally, and for others working with WCS and WCED.

It is Laura’s passion to help people and has done so in many other positions before coming to WCED. Laura worked as a job coach helping high school students with disabilities learn valuable employment and life skills so they may become self sufficient after graduation. She also worked in a young girl’s group home as residential counselor, providing supervision, activities, and support to girls age 10-13. Laura also worked for many years helping ex-offenders reintegrate back into society after parole from prison, in particular those who had HIV and needed help with essentials such as housing and food but with seeking services to continue their medical care and therapy outside of prison.

Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, Laura graduated from CSU Fullerton with a BA in Psychology.

Andrea Muehlhaus

*Surrogate Program Coordinator and Surrogacy Case Manager**

“Hand meets glove” is how Andrea Muehlhaus describes the perfect fit she feels working at West Coast Surrogacy. “I wake up every morning excited for my work day ahead. Not many people can say they are in love with their career. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs”, says Andrea. A second time gestational surrogate herself, Andrea joins the West Coast Surrogacy team to help other surrogates and Intended Parents navigate the surrogacy process and to put “a true passion” into action.

“Back when I was in high school, one of my best friends came out as being gay and I told him--not even knowing what surrogacy was back then--I told him that if he ever wanted to be a parent that I was going to carry a baby for him,” says Andrea. When she was older and learned about gestational surrogacy, her own easy pregnancies convinced her to follow through on her early promise for other would-be parents. “Surrogacy was such a wonderful experience. It has changed my entire life and my family’s life.”

Andrea gave birth in 2012 to a beautiful baby boy for a set of wonderful Intended Fathers. She enjoys receiving picture updates and keeping in contact with the new family. Andrea is in the process of helping to create another family with a set of Intended Fathers later this year.

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Andrea and her husband Eric have two children, Aiden and Addison.

“The team at WCS is amazing and everyone works so well together. Most case managers have been surrogates before so we understand how to best support the surrogates because we have been in their shoes. As an experienced surrogate myself, I take pride in my work and I am honored to lend a hand and support other surrogates in their journey.”

Lindsay McEachern

Surrogate Case Manager

Lindsay has been a proud member of the West Coast Surrogacy & West Coast Egg Donation team since 2012. She loves that her position allows her to play an intimate role in helping to bring new, beautiful souls into the world. She is grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded with selfless women who are giving intended parents the chance to have a family they could otherwise not have.

Lindsay attended college at the University of California, Irvine where she graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior. She is currently working towards her M.A./Teaching Credentials in Special Education. In her free time she enjoys exercising, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. Lindsay and her husband reside in Southern Orange County with their two dogs!

Debbie Esquival

“As soon as I talked to West Coast Surrogacy, I knew it was the agency for me.”
- Debbie Esquival, Surrogate Case Manager

A married mother of two young sons living in Covina, CA, Debbie Esquival is a surrogate mother and West Coast Surrogacy Case Manager. Debbie’s surrogacy journey started with a promise to herself. “My sister and her husband had been suffering with infertility for ten years. I always said the day she becomes pregnant is the day I am going to give back.”

Fortunately for all involved, her sister did become pregnant via IVF and Debbie set on the road to fulfilling her promise by contacting surrogacy agencies.

“As soon as I talked to West Coast Surrogacy, I knew it was the agency for me. They were as concerned about me as they were with the Intended Parents and they held my hand the whole way.” She would go on to be surrogate for “an amazing couple from Taiwan. Their story was similar to my sister’s,” says Debbie. “We became so close and remain that way to this day.” She carried their daughter and then continued on a sibling journey, delivering a set of twins, for the same couple.

Her work with West Coast Surrogacy has allowed her to see inside the surrogacy process. “There are so many people involved, from the case workers, to the doctors, to the surrogates. It’s a little community trying to achieve this one goal.” And as a case worker, herself, Debbie says she wakes up every day, excited and inspired.

“I love being part of something so intimate and special. There are not many careers that allow you to assist in creating families and fulfilling dreams. It is a blessing to be able to witness the bond that the surrogate and intended parents form, as well as being able to see the joy and happiness that is created through this process.”

Jennifer McCall

“Being an egg donor and surrogate wasn't a job, they were beautiful and life changing experiences.”
- Jennifer McCall, Surrogate Case Manager – Northern California

Jennifer McCall has been happily married for 20 years, she has a daughter, a son and a grandson. Jennifer lives in gorgeous Northern California. She was inspired by a passion for Third-Party Reproduction after being a three-time egg donor many years ago, and was very pleased to help deserving couples achieve the dream of having healthy babies. Years later, Jennifer had the yearning to become a surrogate mother, and that's when she first discovered West Coast Surrogacy. In Jennifer’s words, “[West Coast Surrogacy] was sincere and really involved. They made sure that I was treated with the best of care and that I wasn't just a profile.”

As a surrogate, Jennifer successfully gave birth to a beautiful girl with two fathers from England, and a handsome son to a family from Canada. Jennifer says, “Being a surrogate twice over has been the best journey of my life. Watching my Intended Parents hold their babies, smiling non-stop, and experiencing the utmost joy is the best gift-giving part of my surrogate journeys. This experience has fulfilled my life! After being a surrogate, I knew I wanted to be on the other side of the fence and be a part of the West Coast Surrogacy family. I am proud to be helping others achieve their goals of family building through surrogacy!”

Ellen Winters Miller

Ellen Winters Miller是一位精神医疗师,也是向西海岸代孕服务公司提供心理咨询服务的专业医师。Ellen拥有关于婚姻和家庭方面的心理咨询资质证书,特别是对于不孕不育的问题。她从1987年开始行医,同相当多的生殖临床专家和卵子捐赠代理合作,对病人及其家庭成员关于他们面临的决定能力,合作配合的能力和关系处理能力方面提供心理咨询。此外,从1993年开始,