Marisol Garcia

Surrogacy is a blessing for both the surrogate and the intended parents. It grants the gift of parenthood to those who dream of having a child and empowers surrogates to make a significant impact by helping others creating loving families.
- Marisol, Finance Coordinator

Marisol's dedication and expertise in the field of surrogacy shine through her words and actions. Her firsthand experience as both a mother and a surrogate gives her a unique perspective that allows her to empathize deeply with both intended parents and surrogates.

Her commitment to guiding others through the financial complexities of surrogacy reflects her passion for ensuring that every step of the journey is as smooth and transparent as possible. By facilitating clear communication and timely payments, Marisol helps alleviate any financial stress, allowing intended parents and surrogates to focus on the emotional aspects of building a family.

Marisol's belief in surrogacy as a "labor of love" resonates strongly with her personal experiences and her unwavering dedication to assisting others in their journey to parenthood. Her role at West Coast Surrogacy is not just a job but a calling, driven by her desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“Surrogacy is a true labor of love.”