Morgan Macias

“There is something very extraordinary when you give up your time, comfort and vulnerability for a person or couple who have given all of theirs in the hopes to have a baby."
- Morgan Macias, Director of Surrogacy Admissions

Morgan is a wife and a mother to a daughter and son. Morgan first became a gestational surrogate in 2016 and completed her second, and final, journey in June of 2018. This experience has taught her the power of love and the bond that can bring two families together for the common goal of a life. She is often the first contact you may have with West Coast Surrogacy and she loves being able to meet so many amazing women who are passionate about helping families.

In her free time, she stays involved with her children's sports teams while taking photos for the league. When she is not on a sports field with a camera in hand you can find her and the family at the beach.