Natalie Castillo-Rubio

Surrogacy Case Manager

Natalie resides in Long Beach, California with her wife and teenage daughter. She enjoys being outdoors, watching sports and spending time with her family. She also loves animals and has two dachshunds that love camping trips, which they take often!

Natalie began her journey through the fertility world back in 2004 working as a medical assistant for an Orange County IVF center. She gained much experience in this position which helped expand her knowledge of IVF and create a growing love to help those in need. Over the next 10 years, Natalie would continue learning and became an IVF coordinator for third party cases in several well-known IVF centers. She earned her LVN license in 2015 and has utilized this title in the IVF surgical center setting in her downtime, helping patients completing IVF procedures.

In 2011, Natalie became a surrogate herself helping to complete a family of four for a very dear couple. She loves receiving updates from them and says the experience was life changing, both for her and her family. She hopes to provide knowledge and guidance from her own experiences here at West Coast Surrogacy.