Debbie Esquival

“As soon as I talked to West Coast Surrogacy, I knew it was the agency for me.”
- Debbie Esquival, Senior Case Coordinator

A married mother of two young sons living in Covina, CA, Debbie Esquival is a surrogate mother and West Coast Surrogacy Case Manager. Debbie’s surrogacy journey started with a promise to herself. “My sister and her husband had been suffering with infertility for ten years. I always said the day she becomes pregnant is the day I am going to give back.”

Fortunately for all involved, her sister did become pregnant via IVF and Debbie set on the road to fulfilling her promise by contacting surrogacy agencies.

“As soon as I talked to West Coast Surrogacy, I knew it was the agency for me. They were as concerned about me as they were with the Intended Parents and they held my hand the whole way.” She would go on to be surrogate for “an amazing couple from Taiwan. Their story was similar to my sister’s,” says Debbie. “We became so close and remain that way to this day.” She carried their daughter and then continued on a sibling journey, delivering a set of twins, for the same couple.

Her work with West Coast Surrogacy has allowed her to see inside the surrogacy process. “There are so many people involved, from the case workers, to the doctors, to the surrogates. It’s a little community trying to achieve this one goal.” And as a case worker, herself, Debbie says she wakes up every day, excited and inspired.

“I love being part of something so intimate and special. There are not many careers that allow you to assist in creating families and fulfilling dreams. It is a blessing to be able to witness the bond that the surrogate and intended parents form, as well as being able to see the joy and happiness that is created through this process.”