Tyler Zion

“Working with West Coast Surrogacy has provided me with immense satisfaction, seeing families being created and parents lives becoming fulfilled."
– Tyler Zion, Director

When Tyler joined the family business he was not new to surrogacy (his mother is West Coast Surrogacy President, Amy Kaplan). Tyler will often be that first friendly voice many people hear when they get in touch with WCS.

“I talk with couples and individuals that contact WCS for information about the surrogacy process. I spend as much time as they need, to answer questions, and explore the processes with them. I also go over all their financial options. Many people come to us with fears about surrogacy. Once their questions are answered, and their concerns are heard, they many times complete the conversation with a newly found hope. If they choose to proceed, we begin the surrogate matching process and they are on their way to fulfilling their dreams of parenthood."

Tyler experienced his mother as a surrogate and an egg donor. “It was amazing to see my mom go through surrogacy as well as egg donation and to see her develop these strong relationships with the intended families,” says Tyler. “I have a biological half-sister, from my mother’s egg donation, who is really close with the family. It’s phenomenal to have that part of our lives joined together.”

This first-hand knowledge adds a level of care to his work at WCS and allows him to speak about surrogacy from a unique, personal perspective.

“I’m looking forward to the families we help to create in the years to come, and how these children will make a difference in the world.”