Andrea Muehlhaus

*Surrogate Program Coordinator and Surrogacy Case Manager**

“Hand meets glove” is how Andrea Muehlhaus describes the perfect fit she feels working at West Coast Surrogacy. “I wake up every morning excited for my work day ahead. Not many people can say they are in love with their career. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs”, says Andrea. A second time gestational surrogate herself, Andrea joins the West Coast Surrogacy team to help other surrogates and Intended Parents navigate the surrogacy process and to put “a true passion” into action.

“Back when I was in high school, one of my best friends came out as being gay and I told him--not even knowing what surrogacy was back then--I told him that if he ever wanted to be a parent that I was going to carry a baby for him,” says Andrea. When she was older and learned about gestational surrogacy, her own easy pregnancies convinced her to follow through on her early promise for other would-be parents. “Surrogacy was such a wonderful experience. It has changed my entire life and my family’s life.”

Andrea gave birth in 2012 to a beautiful baby boy for a set of wonderful Intended Fathers. She enjoys receiving picture updates and keeping in contact with the new family. Andrea is in the process of helping to create another family with a set of Intended Fathers later this year.

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Andrea and her husband Eric have two children, Aiden and Addison.

“The team at WCS is amazing and everyone works so well together. Most case managers have been surrogates before so we understand how to best support the surrogates because we have been in their shoes. As an experienced surrogate myself, I take pride in my work and I am honored to lend a hand and support other surrogates in their journey.”