Jennifer McCall

“Being an egg donor and surrogate wasn't a job, they were beautiful and life changing experiences.”
- Jennifer McCall, Surrogate Case Manager – Northern California

Jennifer McCall has been happily married for 20 years, she has a daughter, a son and a grandson. Jennifer lives in gorgeous Northern California. She was inspired by a passion for Third-Party Reproduction after being a three-time egg donor many years ago, and was very pleased to help deserving couples achieve the dream of having healthy babies. Years later, Jennifer had the yearning to become a surrogate mother, and that's when she first discovered West Coast Surrogacy. In Jennifer’s words, “[West Coast Surrogacy] was sincere and really involved. They made sure that I was treated with the best of care and that I wasn't just a profile.”

As a surrogate, Jennifer successfully gave birth to a beautiful girl with two fathers from England, and a handsome son to a family from Canada. Jennifer says, “Being a surrogate twice over has been the best journey of my life. Watching my Intended Parents hold their babies, smiling non-stop, and experiencing the utmost joy is the best gift-giving part of my surrogate journeys. This experience has fulfilled my life! After being a surrogate, I knew I wanted to be on the other side of the fence and be a part of the West Coast Surrogacy family. I am proud to be helping others achieve their goals of family building through surrogacy!”