Rebecca Gallegos

“This is about connecting with others and together pursuing the most important goal of all, family.”
- Rebecca Gallegos, Intake Screening Department

Rebecca began her career in women’s healthcare in the mid-nineties with a prominent group of obstetricians and gynecologists in Newport Beach, California. It was during this time that she found herself struggling with her own fertility. Fortunately, with treatment, she was able to have two successful pregnancies.

During this journey, she became devoted to helping others in their fertility struggles and joined the Fertility Center of Southern California with Dr. Ilene Hatch. There, she worked closely with donors and surrogates by facilitating matches and coordinating IVF cycles for many years. Eventually, she added ”Practice Manager” to her title and helped shape the practice into the success it is today.

Rebecca came to West Coast Surrogacy because, like us, she is passionate about the process. The women who give through the selfless act of surrogacy will always hold a special place in her heart.