Andrea Muehlhaus

I am passionate about my role assisting intended parents and surrogates throughout the surrogacy process. I feel lucky – honored really – to be in this career. It is truly special. I have personally been a surrogate and I understand the process because I have lived through it – 3 times! To this day we are in very close contact with both families, although they live their own lives, we remain connected and my family considers them OUR family.
- Andrea Muehlhaus, Surrogacy Case Manager

Andrea joined West Coast Surrogacy in 2013 after delivering a healthy baby boy for her first intended parents. She has since coordinated and supported many successful surrogacy journeys over the years. Andrea prides herself on her integrity, ethics, compassion, and support as a Surrogacy Case Manager. She takes her role and responsibilities personally and has first-hand knowledge of the process as an experienced surrogate for 2 wonderful same sex couples in 2012, 2014 and 2019. Andrea shares her experiences with intended parents and surrogates and ensures that she is available to answer all questions posed to her based on her personal and professional knowledge regarding the process.

Andrea has been featured on/in the Dr. D. Radio Show, the Orange County Register, and has been a panel moderator at a national surrogacy conference. Andrea was born and raised in Southern California, although now resides in Fresno California, and is married and raising 2 beautiful school age children.