Michael Kaplan

"Working at WCS and being able to help build families; it’s one of the greatest feelings. I truly believe in the services and level of care we provide to others. "
- Michael Kaplan, Finance

When Michael joined WCS, he was very familiar with surrogacy because his stepmother, Amy Kaplan, is the founder and President of West Coast Surrogacy. Michael plays a vital role in helping manage the Finance department, where he dedicates himself to facilitating reimbursements and addressing any financial inquiries or concerns that may arise.

His responsibilities encompass assisting surrogates manage their reimbursements, before, during and after pregnancy, and being a constant source of support for any questions or challenges they encounter on their surrogacy journey. Michael finds profound purpose in his career, as he actively contributes to fulfilling dreams and forming new families. He considers it an honor to play a role in realizing the potential of what West Coast Surrogacy can offer to those involved.

Michael's perspective is further enriched by his own experience as a father, raising a 4-year-old son. Reflecting on parenthood, he shares, "Having a child and being a father is an indescribable achievement in life. It's a privilege that everyone should have the opportunity to experience." This newfound perspective has transformed the way he views life, instilling in him a strong belief that parenthood should be accessible to all.